660 Sutter St.

Open 24/7, our 660 Sutter Street lot is an outdoor lot next to the popular Metropolitan Club. You can find us on the north side of Sutter Street at the cross of Mason and Taylor Street. Don’t forget that Sutter is a one-way street going west!


Hourly Parking:

$9 First Hour
$5 Each Additional 30 Min
$30 per 12 Hrs Max

Daily Parking:

$40 Max 24 Hrs with In & Out
$20 After 5 pm Mon - Thurs & All Day Sunday - FLAT RATE
$25 After 5 PM Friday and Saturday - FLAT RATE

*Rate subject to change without notice or for special events.



Sunday: 24 hrs.

Monday: 24 hrs.

Tuesday: 24 hrs.

Wednesday: 24 hrs.

Thursday: 24 hrs.

Friday: 24 hrs.

Saturday: 24 hrs.